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  • Speedy Transit

    All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS Vehicle Tracking system that shows the internal temperature of the refrigerated chassis and the location of the vehicles.
  • Experienced staff

    All our drivers are experienced on the relevant routes and have at least 10-25 years of experience on international lines.
  • Fast and reliable

    We have provided the highest standards with our experience since 2002 and with all our vehicles.
Marine products transportation
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Transportation
Frozen food Transportation
Dry Cargo

We are at your service with our Staff that knows the customs laws of all the countries that we make transportation, and who knows the languages of the regions which they are responsible for.

Our company has been founded in 2002 in Antalya and operates in the international land transportation sector. All our drivers are experienced on the relevant routes and have at least 10-25 years of experience on international lines.

Our Vision

To be Transportation company in our country that the most reliable is and which shows most sensitivity for time management.

Our Mission

Being sensitive and respectful to our social environment, providing our customers with the best quality and speed

CMR Insurance

All our transports are covered by CMR insurance and our vehicles have EURO5 and EURO6 norms.

Nature and Environment

We have adopted as our PRINCIPLES to ensure that our natural resources are used effectively, efficiently and at the lowest level, and to pursue all kinds of technological developments for this purpose.
We fulfil the mission that we have undertaken with our personnel who know the customs laws of all the countries in which we carry out transportation and have knowledge of the languages of the regions that they are responsible for, and in all our works, we reinforce the trust that we have gained.
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The News from Us

Our Website has been renewed

We are here with our website that we renewed in order to serve better for our valued customers and business partners.

Precautions that we take due to Covid-19

Our entire office has been disinfected due to the measures taken against Covid-19. Disinfection operations are carried out periodically.

T-ETCS (U-ETDS) system

Our company completes its preparations for the Transportation Electronic Tracking and Control System (T-ETCS)

staff in its field

We show every care required to deliver your cargo to the desired location in the fastest and safest way.

Trans Antalya

Our company, whose operation subject road transportation is, serve with the principal "the Speedy and Trustworthy Transportation”. Trans Antalya can continue its service without interruption in line with the demands of the companies for which it serves with a total 32 vehicles consisted of various models like Volvo - Scania - Renault Type

International Transportation

In order to make your logistics processes better, easier and faster, we provide you with good service with technology